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Alexander's aspiration is to create contemporary classical music that stands out by avoiding excessive atonal complexities often associated with avant-garde music and refraining from unnecessary simplifications that are overly present in neoclassical compositions. In his artistic endeavors, he devotes attention to crafting a musical language that exudes beauty, sincerity, and originality, ensuring it resonates with every listener and evokes a profound emotional response.

Drawing from the traditions of Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and considering the modern trends introduced to contemporary classical music by neoclassical artists such as Max Richter, Ólafur Arnalds, Ludovico Einaudi, and others, Alexander has crafted his own recognizable compositional style.This style seamlessly merges the traditions of classical romantic music from the 19th and 20th centuries with neoclassical music principles.

Passacaglia - George Frideric Handel / Alexander Motovilov (reimagined)
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Passacaglia - George Frideric Handel / Alexander Motovilov (reimagined)
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Alexander Motovilov and the String Trio - Christmas Eve Night
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Alexander Motovilov and the String Trio - Beltane Night (Live in Tartu)
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Alexander Motovilov - Premonition (Live in Tartu)
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About Us

Alexander Motovilov is a pianist and composer based in Tartu, Estonia, describes himself as someone who is absolutely in love with music and his family. It is his family that serves as his primary source of inspiration.


Holding master's degrees in both piano performance and composition, he brings a wealth of experience from his years of working in the drama theater and various musical ensembles as a pianist, composer, and arranger.

In 2019, following the onset of the pandemic when there was suddenly an abundance of free time, Alexander began releasing his piano compositions, which quickly found their way into major editorial playlists on Spotify. Since then, Alexander's compositions often make it into prominent Spotify editorial playlists such as Peaceful Piano, Piano in the Background, Calm Vibes, and others. They also feature in major editorial playlists on Amazon Music and Apple Music. As of today, his music has garnered a substantial global audience, with approximately 40,000,000 streams on streaming platforms.

In his live performances, Alexander plays his piano pieces accompanied by a string trio, which includes violinist Anna Samsonova, also the organizer of all concerts; Alexander's wife, violist Daria Motovilova, and cellist Enno Lepnurm. In the fall of 2023, they had their first tour across cities in Estonia.

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